✿ Princess Makaria ✿

Rising out of breath from the waters of Longmirror Lake, this pink miqo found herself surrounded by a land of flowers and pixies. She was kindly accepted as a spirit of flowers. A close relative to Tyr Beq, and chosen princess of IL Mheg. Though Maka didn't know who she truly was besides her name and title, she found it's better to live in the present, make new memories and bring happiness to her newly found friends.~

What I Do

Photography >> Gpose/Collabs(Little Peachy#3466)
House Designer>Message Defenesized#6103 for more info~
Content >> Healer/Dps for 90 dungs+ tank for 80s
Jobs/Services >> Dancer/Escort/Playgirl
Owner of The Playgirl Palace & Erotic Magazine
SQUAD council member.
✿Sister Sweet~✿♡♪ ΘΣΛ ♪♡
♥ Princess of Il Mheg ♥

♡About Me♡

"For the most part of my life, I have adventures with my friends to various sights in Eorzea. I'm still new to this place. Even though I've probably been around for eons. It's been quite a ride watching everything unfold, friends come and go.
One in particular, known as Sigun Tyr the pixies would call him, came to Lhye castle. He made auntie mad while I was tending to the fish traps down in Longmirror Lake. I came back and she was gone. Just vanished. I blame him for coming around and making Feo Ul King but I'm still thankful we were able to see the starry night once more. There's nothing more beautiful than the haunting moon and stars. The void of the sky made the world seem much bigger than it was. It motivated me to leave home. Leave my safe meadows where I kept myself hidden away from the vast world that Eorzea was. And I'm glad. I grew so much since then. I learned skills, magic, and gained so many friends. Tyr Beq and An lad would surely be jealous. I discovered a knack for collecting trinkets! I hoard a lot of flowers and plushies and fish! I love fishies! My most talented skill is healing as well as dancing. Somehow this world found a way to make dancing a fun job! and I love it!
Healing is great too. Though I wish it could cure more than just wounds. You see, I have amnesia. Since the time I almost drowned in the lake. Tyr Beq helped me out and told me she found me covered in a blanket with my name. Makaria."
Age: Unknown (est. 22)
Birthdate: June 8th
Height: 5'3
Orientation: ♡Bisexual(Male lean)
Pronoun: She/her♀
big machines
mean people
Little Maka is sweet and loveable, loves headpats and cuddles~❤
"Love is persistent, it is precious and irreplaceable. There is not a better way to show love than to never give up."

♥ Tells ♥

• WU/T= ^//^ I don't bite~ •
"Feel free to walk up and send a tell! Im friendly and If you have questions for me I'll do my best to answer them honestly."

Royal Gallery

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